Welcome to Kids Carousel

Belmont Kids Carousel started in May 1996 and has grown to keep up with the needs and requirements of our customers to the point where we are now one of the best and highest regarded stores in the industry and still family owned by Tunia and Shane as it was from the start.
Kids Carousel
We don't have a super large store and to be honest we don't wish to as we would then need to be more like the big operators and loose that special touch that we work so hard to cultivate for you, to us it is more important to do things better (Not Bigger).

Our customers are as always our greatest asset and we are very proud although just a little upset (OMG we are getting old) when a young parent comes in and tells us how they used to come in with their parents in years past.

We do our best to be a one stop shop for you and your Baby with sales and repairs of most baby goods plus we are authorised Car Seat Installers and wtty repairers for most goods we stock.

Real Service costs no more at Kids Carousel.